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Not only affordable, discounted Samsung mobile price in UAE, there are several other reasons why Samsung has turned out to be everyone’s favorite smart phone brand. Even if you have never used a Samsung phone brand before, it is claimed that you will literally fall in love it as soon as you pick it up in your palm. When you are looking for branded phones known by their unique design and affordable prices, it goes without saying that Samsung is first phone to offer you everything, fulfilling your demands and pocket constraints.

The first and foremost important strength of Samsung phones is still endless varieties of mega pixels, storage capacities along with smart phone price in UAE. Another important point to be mentioned here is a range of display screen sizes. Beginning from a small screen size of 3 inches to large size of flagship phones such as Note 4, you can get any size you want. When online, you can fill up a form with your requirements, and you will get a phone for every choice. Here is another important to follow: before buying a phone, whittle through specs and features of several phones. Continue reading


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While people are looking for affordable, branded mobile phone prices in Dubai, the debate has gone fast forward to questioning where the ongoing unending pool of smart phones is a complete myth. What are these branded smart phones companies are trying to achieve from recurrent releases and launches of smart devices and gadgets? Is it not stinging of a top-secret conspiracy? One may argue with sound evidence that brands are trying to overwhelm the choices of the people and teenagers in particular in order to push generations back? Alright, doesn’t it sound convincing argument? Continue reading

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Recently there has been a lot of debate and discussion out there. These devices are already rocking a smart phone and a tablet, but if you want to dip your toe into the technological water you are likely to be wondering if you need both or just one of them. Luckily, it is clear to many users to land on the right choice. When it comes to the smart phone technology, people are still unsure whether they should switch over to new technology or upgrade existing technology. Don’t you know which direction to follow when you have to choose mobile phones in Dubai? Continue reading

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What are expecting in the upcoming event for release of several smart phones at Barcelona? No doubt, this year is going to be a massive launch of smart phones as compared to last year. The same trend goes for the movies too. Isn’t it interesting? There are dozens of latest movies in the box which are going to be launched soon. What cell phones in Dubai are going to shop now? Hold your breath for the big launch of several elite phones in the pipeline. There are endless rumors and speculations regarding new releases in the market. Continue reading

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As the ship of modern technology is going forward fast and furious, there is a great debate concerning making choice of smart phones or tablets. The debate has been initiated because the recent smart phones are often produced in the massive display screen. If you want to buy a gadget, you need to seriously think over these choices in order to make right choice. When you dip your toe in the technology, you often wonder whether you should choose tablet or smart phone. Luckily, we are here to probe into these options and help you decide what phone suits you well. Continue reading

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Most of the dealers are deadlocked on smart phones to escape more effectively to the police. In their pockets, we therefore find that basic phones without applications. The voice and SMS had been one of the bare minimum applications. The star of the streets: the Nokia 8210 had always been there and is still one of the least costly preferences for the ones looking forward to simply lay on the cell phone era. Looking for Nokia? Shop via online mobile shopping store with just few clicks! Continue reading